Keep In Happiness And Torture Me

I really like falling in reverse I just don’t really say much about them but there really cool:)

wearestrongenoughtolive: Marilyn Manson, my chemical romance & you me at six

MM. Probably that I hate pizza to death
MCR. Pierce The Veil. Shhh
YMAS. Dance Gavin Dance

Send me a band and I'll answer!

  • All Time Low: Single or taken?
  • Blink-182: Am I mature or immature?
  • Fall Out Boy: Something I regret?
  • Green Day: How easily do I get mad?
  • Leathermouth: A band I love but don't talk about often?
  • Marilyn Manson: Weirdest thing about me?
  • Mindless Self Indulgence: Do I drink/do drugs?
  • My Chemical Romance: The band that saved my life?
  • Of Mice and Men: My favorite genre of music?
  • Panic! at the Disco: Someone I miss?
  • The Used: Someone who is no longer in my life?
  • You Me at Six: A band I'm just discovering?
Anonymous: omg why is Kellin's tag Pikachu.

Oh anon. I simply tag Kellin with pikachu because for one he is the human version of pikachu I mean look at him! and two I can it’s my blog so I can use the tags I feel like:) but thank you for asking love:*